System for receiving and mixing detergent products

A complex system for unloading, weighing, mixing and transferring raw materials to packaging systems. System for unloading of liquid raw materials, preparing the mixture according to the recipe, mixing liquid ingredients with the addition of dry raw materials, equipped with a dedicated heating and cooling installation for mixers, installation for product collection from mixers and transfer to buffer tanks before filling into retail packages. Developments of the automatic program for mixers cleaning. The system is equipped with an elevator for feeding loose materials to the dosing site.

Effect – scope – improvements

  1. Increased process efficiency by the automation of pumping and weighing of raw materials
  2. Increased flexibility of the production possibilities of various products.
  3. Reduction of time for production cycle.
  4. Increased process control and product quality.
  5. Implementation of system for dosing semi-finished products.
  6. Increased dosing accuracy, reduced production losses.
  7. Reduction of changeover times.

Technical solutions

  1. The unloading system is based on membrane pumps.
  2. Weighing systems.
  3. Dedicated heating system based on a steam exchanger.
  4. Control panel with the possibility of entering recipes and controlling the process flow.

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