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Selected projects

The system of distribution and preparation of raw material for the animal feed production line

A comprehensive system for unloading, quality control, buffering and transfer of raw materials to emulsification systems.

System of buffering, transport, loading and packing of technical and food salt

System of collecting wet salt, salt without and with anti-caking agent for the production of salt tablets and the production of table salt.

Intake system for process mixers on the animal feed production line

Grinder unloading system based on mono-screw pumps and a PIG system powered by compressed air, system washing system, system of buffering silos and dosing hoppers, project, raw material settlement system, process parameters control system.

System for receiving and mixing detergent products

A comprehensive system for unloading, weighing, mixing and transferring raw materials to packaging systems.

Intake system for process mixers on the animal feed production line

System for dosing liquid raw materials up to 13 ingredients based on the entered recipes, pre-mixing of weighed concentrate, mixing of concentrate digestion with bulk raw materials and final product mixing, transport system of the finished product to packaging lines

System for unloading, storage, mixing of household and industrial chemicals

Systems for unloading liquid raw materials from tanks, storage, dosing to process mixers, process mixers with heating, cooling and washing functions. Dosing by weight and volume of raw materials.

System for unloading, storing, mixing, grinding and transporting loose products

System for automatic unloading of loose materials from cisterns and big-bags, storage, weighing, mixing, products in the flow in pneumatic transport, screening, grinding and transporting the prepared mixture to the next process node.

System for unloading, storing and supplying production with bulk raw materials - isomalt and sugar

Automatic sugar unloading system from the cistern to the storage silo, automatic big-bag unloading system, vacuum transport of raw materials from the silo and big-bags to the daily buffer tanks, integration of buffer tanks with the technological kitchen node in the scope of dosing raw materials to process devices

System for unloading, storage, mixing, supplying production and collection of post-production waste of liquid raw materials - cooking oil

A system for automatic unloading of liquid raw materials from cisterns, a farm of storage and process tanks with a dedicated heating system, mixing in flow and in the tank, transmission of the mixture via a pumping system to production, collection of liquid production waste with the possibility of loading a tanker. The installation enables the storage of raw materials in an inert gas (nitrogen).