Check what W i Z A R T E C can do for you. We solve each challenge in a creative, effective and fully responsible manner.

We work in the system


We offer full investment project management in the following areas:

  • complete production lines,
  • production modules /sockets,
  • special machines,
  • automation.

We carry out the full investment process agile and efficiently through the next stages, you are safe at every step:


We consult:

The most important and responsible stage of cooperation. At this stage, we recognize the needs of our partners, prepare a feasibility study, perform technical and financial analyzes and optimize processes. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, you can trust us.

The offer includes consultations on:

  • conducting investments,
  • selection of technical solutions and production model,
  • optimization of technological processes,
  • selection of suppliers and best cost sourcing studies,
  • design and modeling of process systems,
  • technical project management.

We are planning investments

We model the entire investment process. A project management plan is created, we define milestones, we estimate risks, and we optimize the life of the investment process.

We prepare investments in terms of:

  • feasibility study,
  • technical and financial analyzes,
  • technical projects,
  • schedules and deadlines,
  • the best solutions and technologies available on the market,
  • availability of highly qualified engineering staff,
  • comprehensive construction and installation services.

We design

We creatively and nimbly bring the concept to a visual form using the most modern digital design technologies available. Technological processes are starting to take real form.

When we say we design, we mean comprehensive projects:

  • conceptual investments,
  • for the purposes of obtaining a building permit,
  • from the mechanical industry,
  • technological full process plants,
  • technological lines,
    3D modeling and system operation simulations,
  • technical specifications and engineering calculations,
  • selection of devices and optimization of operating parameters,
  • developing documentation of integrated technological systems,
  • as-built, commissioning and maintenance documentation.

We run projects

We manage the project in accordance with PMI and Prince2, we prepare documentation, you will find everything you need to maintain and develop your production plant in the future.

We look after your investment throughout its duration. We take care of the safety, quality, deadlines and budget of the project task. Thanks to our team, you can sleep well.

When conducting projects, we mainly focus on:

  • investment security control,
  • control and dynamic risk management,
  • taking care of the implementation of the investment according to the assumed budget,
  • implementation of the project in accordance with the schedule,
  • selection of appropriate suppliers and contractors,
  • comprehensive investment service,
  • investor’s and author’s supervision,
    inter-branch coordination,
  • efficient and trouble-free commissioning and commissioning.

We coordinate + integrate

We manage orders and delivery logistics so that integration and FATs run on schedule.

We integrate and coordinate such processes as:

  • selection of technological devices,
  • orders for systems, devices and process systems,
  • optimization of solutions assumed by the client in terms of finance and time,
  • projects in multi-faceted interbranch cooperation,
  • control of the execution and prefabrication of equipment and process installations,
  • control of compliance with technical documentation and specifications,
  • control of compliance with customer standards,
  • assembly of technological systems,
  • adaptation of mechanical systems to control systems,
  • start-ups, optimizations and line qualifications.

We launch + train

The key moment when everything becomes important, Processes work as planned and you start planning your next investment.

The key moment of handing over the investment to the client, when everything becomes important, is not the end of the road for us. When the processes work as planned and you start planning your next investment, we still care about supporting your business

Post-investment service is based on:

  • training for operational and engineering departments,
  • support for maintenance departments,
  • functional modifications of technological systems,
  • analysis of increasing line efficiency,
  • analysis of line adaptation to product and production variability,
  • simulations of extensions and technical changes.

We specialize in the following process solutions:

Loose/powder material transfer systems

Pneumatic and mechanical transport A full range of loose/powder materials (flour, sugar, granules, ATEX organic substances)

Liquid materials transfer systems

Pressure transport and valve stations / terminals Full range of liquid materials (water solutions, oil emulsions, aromas, EX liquids)

Buffering and Conveying System

Buffering and transportation of semi-finished and finished products Process systems and transport in packaging and palletizing zones (end line)

Mixing and Dissolving Systems

Mixing and dissolving in all phases (solid, liquid, emulsions, solutions) Both unit mixing systems and complex mixing departments.

Production lines - food industry

Food Processing. Production of sweets and sweet snacks, food additives, meat industry. Functional systems and full production lines.

Production systems – Petfood

Petfood Processing. Comprehensive lines for the production of pet food - wet food, dry food Meat unloading and buffer systems, dosing of powders, skids for semi-finished products.

Production lines - Household appliances

Household Chemicals Processing. Mixing plants and production reactor systems Integration of bottling systems and tabletting works.

Production lines – Chemistry

Chemistry Processing. Production reactor departments with process equipment Cooling systems, evaporative systems, columns and technological towers.

Breweries and distilleries

Integration of the brewhouse and raw material bases, wort, yeast and hops handling systems Integration of distillation and rectification boiler departments, GUM storage.