The system of distribution and preparation of raw material for the animal feed production line

A comprehensive system for unloading, quality control, buffering and transfer of raw materials to emulsification systems. 

System for unloading and buffering pallets with the product, lifting equipment with a cutting system for separating meat blocks, metal detection systems, pneumatic transport system with cooling and drying system, buffer mixers system, installation of product transport from mixers and transfer to mixers / emulsifiers. Area integration.

Effect – scope – improvements

  1. Increasing process efficiency by almost 30%.
  2. Reduction of duration of the production cycle by 20%, increase of process control and performance standards, implementing an innovative system for dosing semi-finished products.
  3. Increased dosing accuracy.
  4. Reduction of waste materials losses.
  5. Reduction of changeover times.

Technical solutions

  1. Unloading system based on SEW servo drives.
  2. Pneumatic transport system based on the Aerzen blower, Munters dehumidifier and Coperion components.
  3. Buffering system based on innovative solutions of process bunkers for storing semi-finished products with increased dosing accuracy.

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