System of buffering, transport, loading and packing of technical and food salt

Process department of wet salt, salt without and with anti-caking agent for the production of salt tablets and the production of table salt. System of production and conditioning of salt tablets. Salt iodization and salt production system. Transport systems for product transfer based on belt conveyors, bucket conveyors and redlers. Tank farm for product buffering. Systems for loading the product into cars / tanks, systems for packing the product into unit packages. Dust extraction system. Area integration.

Effect – scope – improvements

  1. Increase of production capacity

  2. Increase of the process standards

  3. Possibility to increase product diversity

  4. Improved hygienic conditions

  5. Increae of the production volume of the line.

Technical solutions

  1. Belt conveyors, bucket conveyors and redlers, screw and spiral conveyors according to food standards
  2. Product buffering systems and quality process control (metal detection and separation based on Sesotec systems)
  3. Systems for the control of product fractions (vibrating screens, vibrating sorting systems)
  4. Product packaging systems based on Hoover & Becker systems
  5. WAM loading sleeve
  6. Process skid for the preparation of iodization solution
  7. System for mixing and distribution of the solution in the intermediate
  8. System for sorting tablets and grinding non-classified products with return to lines.

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