System for unloading, storing, mixing, grinding and transporting loose products

System for automatic unloading of loose materials from cisterns and big-bags, storage, weighing, mixing, products in the flow in pneumatic transport, screening, grinding and transporting the prepared mixture to the next process node.

Effect – scope – improvements

  1. Increased system efficiency.
  2. Full diagnostics and control of process parameters.
  3. Integration with a supervisory control system.
  4. Ensuring the safety of product quality and operator service.

Technical solutions

  1. Pressure and vacuum pneumatic transport systems based on Aerzen devices
  2. Metal separation
  3. Systems of flow weighing of raw materials
  4. Mixing the product in flow during transport to the receiver
  5. Flow fraction control systems (vibrating screen, mill)
  6. Complex order service – design, delivery of devices, field assembly with commissioning – turnkey solution.

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