System for unloading, storing and supplying production with bulk raw materials - isomalt and sugar

Automatic sugar unloading system from truck to the storage silo, automatic big-bag unloading system, vacuum transport of raw materials from the silo and big-bags to the daily buffer tanks, integration of buffer tanks with the technological kitchen node in the scope of dosing raw materials to process devices

Effect – scope – improvements

  1. Full remote diagnostics and control of process parameters

  2. Integration with a supervisory control system

  3. Ensuring the safety of product quality and operator service

  4. Protection of the stored product against biological degradation

  5. Limiting the number of personnel needed to service the area

  6. Complex order service – design, delivery of devices, field assembly with commissioning.

Technical solutions

  1. Overpressure and vacuum pneumatic transports based on Aerzen compressor and blowers
  2. The system is fully explosion secured by an active explosion suppression system based on devices from IEP Technologies
  3. Product screens that provide the right fraction for the needs of a technological kitchen
  4. Supporting the discharge of raw material from the silo and buffer tanks

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