Intake system for process mixers on the animal feed production line

Grinder unloading system based on mono-screw pumps and a PIG system powered by compressed air, system washing system, system of buffering silos and dosing hoppers, project, raw material settlement system, process parameters control system.

Effect – scope – improvements

  1. System automation, increasing system efficiency by almost 50%.
  2. Increasing the diversity of the product range.
  3. Improved process standards.
  4. Reduction of water consumption in the plant.
  5. Improved the homogeneity of the product.
  6. Reduction of contamination (higher product purity).

Rozwiązania techniczne

  1. Wangen mono-screw pumps.
  2. Pigging systems based on Servinox solutions.
  3. Bardiani process valves.
  4. Common frame allows to significantly reduce the number of anchoring points (improved hygiene of the area).

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