Loose/powder material transfer systems

Resource bases

Raw material receiving and storage systems, storage parameters shaping systems (heating / cooling / pillow plate).

The silo loading and unloading system

Arrays and silo loading systems, silo unloading systems for process lines, ATEX.

Big-bag unloading and loading stations

Unloading stations - manual, semi-automatic, automated, station substructures.

Power supply systems for process lines

Pneumatic transport systems - overpressure, vacuum, daily tanks, hoppers.

Dosing control systems

Systems for weighing and dosing loose products, micro dosing.

Screening and quality control systems

Sifting systems for loose products (vibro-sieves), quality control systems - magnetic screens, rotoboxes, entoleters.

Dedusting systems and central vacuum cleaners

Central dust collectors, local dust collectors, scrubbers, water scrubbers, central vacuum cleaning.

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